Monday, 24 June 2013

The PLAGUE 7" is finally out! 6 fast and ripping tracks of crusty dbeat blast madness. Artwork by Todd "The Rod" Kowalski. The Mini U.S. tour was a blast and we have lots of fine folks to thank out there for making the following shows a huge success for us.

May 24: Winnipeg / NGTVSPC w/ Ceteascean, Chika Boom Boom, Burden
May 25: Minneapolis, MN / Medusa w/ Cokskar, Cognitive Dissonance, Chodie Foster
May 26: Milwaukee, WI / Quarters w/ Sin Orden, Neon Hole, Pansy, ...
May 27: Detroit, MI / Trumbullplex...
May 28: Lima, OH / Leathershop w/ Pizza Hi Five / Accidental Homicide
May 29: St. Louis, MO / Fubar w/ Grand Inquisitor
May 01: Austin, TX / White Swan w/ Dethrone, Deadly Reign, Kontrasect

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Here are a few projects we got in the works over here. Always keeping busy...

UL004 - PLAGUE / FLASH OUT Split Tape. Winnipeg crusty, d-beat, hardcore assholes team up for a steamroller of a release. This thing is in the works as I type this. Should be out by the end of the year.

UL005 - DESPISE YOU - West Side Horizons CS. Official cassette reissue this classic slab. 62 track collection of songs taken from splits with Stapled Shut, Suppression, Crom, PCP Scapegoat EP as well as comp tracks and unreleased material. One of the best power violence records ever released can now be enjoyed on your Walkman and your old school cassette player in your car.

UL005 - PLAGUE 7" - Scheduled for release in spring 2013 for Plague's tour of the U.S. Looking for a label or two to help co-release.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

HITOKIRI - "This Machine Kills For Fun" Cassette out next week.

Uneasy Listening is pleased to release the debut of Chicago's Hitokiri. These guys definitely make the list of the best grindcore around right now. Fast as lightning blast beats that make you think Dave Witte  would be behind the drum kit. This shit is great don't miss out. This will be available next week.Check out 2 tracks below.

Listen: Hitokiri - Sewer
Listen: Hitokiri - Family Portrait

Tu Sufres/Flash Out split cassette
Tu Sufres/Lt.Dan split cassette

Friday, 7 October 2011

WORK.SLEEP.DIE. North American Grindcore Compilation.

Extreme and brutal comp of some of the most kick ass grind this fuckin' continent has to offer. final touches are being put to this beast. tracks by Archagathus, Catheter, Cokskar, Cooked And Eaten, Disleksick, Hitokiri, Lt. Dan, Nimbus Terriffix, Obacha, Paucities, Pizza Hi Five, P.L.F., Six Brew Bantha, Soren Lorenson, Tu Sufres and Violent Gorge. 200 copies on cassette. out soon!!

Be on the lookout for more brutality.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Upcoming Releases

Alright, here we go. Let's get right into it and start churning out some noise. Here are some planned releases to get this shit going........

WORK.SLEEP.DIE. Cassette Compilation.
Featuring some of the most brutal grind that North America has to offer. This tape will not fuck around. Mostly exclusive material from Six Brew Bantha, Archagathus, Violent Gorge, P.L.F., Tu Sufres, Nimbus Terriffix, Disleksick, Cokskar, Catheter, Cooked and Eaten, Paucities, Lt. Dan, Obacha, + more. Due out summer 2011.

Canadian mince/grind pairing. more info coming soon. Should be out summer of 2011   

Much more brutality to come in the future